Waste Management

Hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams are usually generated from routine business operations, remedial projects and post-response clean-up activities. Many of the waste streams produced are classed as hazardous and their treatment and disposal require compliance with vigorous regulations. Producers of hazardous waste are liable for disposing their waste in a responsible way. Integrated waste management in an environmentally-friendly manner is crucial to your business.

Polyeco offers the following waste management services:

Hazardous Waste Management

Polyeco operates a separate Hazardous Waste Transfer Station (HWTS) within its facilities in Aspropyrgos.

The HWTS was designed and built in conformance with the highest safety standards. Automatic fire detection and fighting system is installed throughout the store area and suitable HDPE liner is placed on the ground to prevent potential leakages.

The purpose of the HWTS is to offer temporary storage capabilities for various types of hazardous waste (flammable, toxic, corrosive etc.), which cannot be treated within the facility, so that they can be immediately removed from the producer’s site with a minimum risk to health or the environment. The waste is then transferred according to the EU law to certified European disposal facilities.

This state-of-the-art facility is the destination for a wide range of EWC (European Waste Catalogue) codes for hazardous and non-hazardous waste, brought into the facility both in bulk and in all types of packaging (drums, IBCs, FIBCs etc.).

Polyeco issues a Certificate of Reception and Storage and further Sustainable Management. Industrial types of waste are classed as a hazardous waste stream.

Hazardous Materials Classification

This classification covers six broad types or classes of hazardous materials.

Spent Fluorescent Lamps Management

Polyeco is in cooperation with the national authorized management system of lamp waste “ELECTROCYCLE S.A.” since 2006.

Polyeco has developed a national system for the collection and transport of lamps, from various public organizations and private enterprises.

Polyeco trained personnel carries out collection and transport of lamp waste. The waste ends up at Polyeco headquarters, where it is being repackaged and forwarded to accredited final disposal facilities abroad.

For information you may visit www.electrocycle.gr.

Batteries Waste Management

Domestic and industrial types of batteries are classed as a hazardous waste stream. Batteries are now fully recyclable and they should always be disposed of correctly and not in standard waste.

Adopting the recycling of used batteries we protect the environment, save energy, reduce waste volume and save raw materials.

AFIS S.A. is the national official body for the alternative management of portable batteries and accumulators in Greece. AFIS S.A. has set a nationwide network of recycling points to enable end-user to drop off their handheld batteries for free.

Waste Collection Services

As a specialist in hazardous waste management and member of EBRA (European Batteries Recycles Association, Polyeco has developed, since 2006, a network system with a company owned fleet of vehicles and skilled workforce, for the collection of used batteries from retailers and other AFIS collection points throughout Greece. All waste batteries end up at Polyeco’s headquarters, where they are being repackaged and forwarded to accredited final disposal facilities abroad.

Polyeco issues a Certificate of Reception and Storage and further Sustainable Management, which is then submitted to AFIS S.A.

For more information you may visit www.afis.gr.

Asbestos Management

Polyeco holds a vast experience in decontamination from asbestos waste, management and disposal.

Services provided include:

  • Site inspections & risk assessments, including sampling, quantitative & qualitative analysis and the preparation of risk assessment reports
  • Management techniques, including encapsulation or sealing of ACM and enclosure of the ACM for isolation
  • Removal of ACM with water spray process system, wrap and cut, glove bags or dry removal
  • Transportation for final disposal in authorized facilities

Radioactive Materials Management

Polyeco holds a unique experience in the management of radioactive materials. The services include:

  • Management of NORM contaminated soil and scale
  • Management of scrap metal with increased radioactivity levels
  • Management of industrial radioactive sealed sources (level / density meters etc.)
  • Management of radioactive smoke detectors and lightning rods
  • Management of radioactive sealed sources from analyzers (XRF analyzers, sulphur analyzers, etc.)
  • Management of high activity sealed sources used for therapeutic uses (teletherapy sources, brachytherapy sources etc.)

We are the only waste management company licensed with a yearly renewable permit for transport and export of NORM from the Greek Atomic Energy Commission.

We have trained and licensed class 7 drivers for the transportation of radioactive materials and vehicles suitable for the transportation of such materials. In accordance with ADR regulations we also employ a certified transportation advisor.

Our past projects include:

  • NORM Decontamination from old fertilizer production and oil & gas industries
  • Management of scrap metal with high NORM radioactivity levels
  • Management of brachytherapy sources
  • Management of smoke detectors and lightning rods
  • Management of sealed source from analyzers

Marine Waste Management

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete range of marine environmental services that we have already tried and tested in more than 1700 spill response, clean up and wreck removal projects. By implementing sophisticated strategies and techniques we have been able to manage some of the most challenging and complicated projects in this field.

As part of our continued focus on safety and sustainability, we have excelled in a competition conducted on by the European Maritime Safety Agency, and have been awarded with the Protection of the Greater Area of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea to the Sea of Cyprus for big scale oil spill pollution incidents with M/T “AKTEA OSRV”.

Polyeco and its parent company Environmental Protection Engineering SA maintain a fully-staffed, multi-disciplined and highly trained Spill Management Team of engineers and marine specialists. Our expertise, heavy equipment and cutting-edge technologies give us the ability to undertake emergency spill response and complex wreck removal projects of any scale.

Our complete range of services for the protection of the marine environment includes:

  • Emergency spill response
  • End-of-life ship dismantling or demolition
  • Wreck removals
  • Environmental protection and pumping services during salvage operations
  • Collection of oil at sea
  • Pumping of fuels and cargo from sunken vessels
  • Ship to ship or ship to shore transfer
  • Remediation and handling of polluted or destroyed cargoes
  • Coast cleaning, beaches, rocky shores & docks
  • Oil waste disposal

Dominant Presence in the Mediterranean

We provide spill emergency response services from 17 anti-pollution stations across Greece, Albania, Cyprus and Lebanon coastline.


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