POLYECO S.A. has successfully completed the safeguarding and export of obsolete pesticides from Ecuador to Europe for final destruction, at a licenced high temperature incineration facility in Sweden.  The project was awarded through international tendering to POLYECO SA by The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations in May 2015. Waste was safely exported from the country in October 2015. The safeguarding operations were conducted in cooperation with Agrocalidad, who had previously identified the national stockpile of obsolete pesticides in the country.

POLYECO SA provided UN approved packaging and other equipment and consumables for the collection, repackaging, labelling and transportation of waste. POLYECO staff repacked and exported the obsolete pesticides for final disposal in accordance to the Basel Convention. Finally, experienced personnel decontaminated the pesticide’s temporary storage area.

This project was a great success for Ecuador, which was striving to export obsolete pesticides from the country for many years in order to meet its national targets based on the Stockholm convention. This project leads the way for the removal of POPs and other hazardous waste from the country.