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Polyeco S.A. successfully completed the safe emptying and cleaning of tanks and piping, from four hazardous chemicals, at the facilities of BSH in Greece. The hazardous waste that was produced during project execution, was managed in the most environmentally friendly and efficient way, and safely disposed of.

The operation took place in a BSH deactivated production line, which used to produce polyurethane foam for refrigerators’ insulation purposes, along with the refrigerant system.

Hence, the hazardous waste that derived from the cleaning process was:

  • Polyoles
  • MDI
  • Cyclo-pentane
  • I-Butane

The project was extremely complex and high demanding due to the various hazards that each four materials posed, and as a result, each of them required specific management and handling, as well as separate final disposal method.

Our head of Experts/HazMat Team, after conducting risk assessment for each of the material existing in the tanks and piping systems, formulated the respective management and handling plan, which of course included all precautionary-safety measures for the personal protection of the team, and also for the protection and safety of existing facilities.

Project started on 30/10/2013 and ended on 8/11/2013.

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