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Kosovo has a history of poor environmental practices, which are a major concern for public health and the environment. Air pollution, particularly from the dust generated by power stations and ash dumps, is a critical problem and waste waters from the mining and power operations were heavily polluted.

The Greek company Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. holding company of Polyeco S.A. following international good practice and innovative procedures successfully completed the cleanup project of the power plant in Kosovo (Kosovo Energy Corporation-KEK), which was funded by the World Bank. Under the cleanup project, EPE managed the containment, removal, packaging, and export from site, of the following waste:

  • 15.000 tons of phenolic liquid waste by employing the Fenton’s reaction
  • Treatment of chemicals such as tars, oily compounds including waste oil, ammonia, benzene and methanol
  • The soil remediation, precipitation of metals and treatment of produced filter cake
  • The cleaning of around 20 tanks, the treatment and removal of 20.000 tons of hazardous liquid and solid waste, including organic phenolic liquids and sludge of variable viscosities
  • The on-site treatment of low contaminated waste, solvents, dispropylether and tar sludge from various tanks at the old lignite gasification plant of KEK as well as the packaging of highly contaminated waste

The issuance of bilateral agreements between Kosovo and Sweden / Belgium for the export and disposal of 5.000 of hazardous liquid and solid waste in accordance with the Basel Convention obtained with the efforts of the company was a great achievement. Environmental Protection Engineering SA through the services it provides since 1971 has involved & successfully executed projects internationally in cooperation with the EU, UN and the World Bank.

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