Polyeco SA: Nominee at the “Bravo Sustainability Awards 2018”

For the 8th year, the Bravo Initiative opens up a large social dialogue on sustainable development with a wide range of social partners and active citizens on the basis of the programs and actions that are implemented by: BUSINESS-LOCAL AUTHORITIES-CIVIL SOCIETY.

Since 2010, Bravo Initiative has been promoting a general stakeholder dialogue on Sustainable Development activities in Greece. The goal of  Bravo Initiative is to inform, to raise awareness and to seek feedback from a large number of stakeholders regarding the sustainability programs that are developed by Greek Businesses, Local Authorities and Civil Society Organizations. Bravo Initiative is part of the Initiative Sustainable Greece 2020 and it is developed by the non-for- profit organization QualityNet Foundation in cooperation with a number of business associations, social and governmental institutions, the civil society and the academic sector.

For yet another year, Polyeco will participate in the annual event Bravo Sustainability Awards 2018, as a nominee for its best practices and actions promoting sustainable development, responsible entrepreneurship and social responsibility, for the award BRAVO ENVIRONMENT with the initiative:

Linking Contemporary Art to Environment & Sustainable Development

In the category of BRAVO ENVIRONMENT, the organizations are awarded for their systematic actions and initiatives that are connected to environmental management: Compliance with environmental standards and terms, climate change mitigation, sustainable methods for environmental management and practices reducing carbon footprint. Best practices regarding the use of natural resources, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, management of solid and liquid waste, protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, sustainable transports and mobility, sustainable urban construction and town planning, awareness raising on Environment.
We would like to invite you to support Polyeco’s Initiative by voting for the sustainability programs being implemented in Greece, at the following link:


Voting is now open and will be available until November 20th, 2018.

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