POLYECO S.A. participated as an official sponsor in the 13th HCH & Pesticides Forum held by IHPA in Zaragosa, Spain from November 3rd to the 6th 2015. The HCH & Pesticides Forum is a technical forum, bringing together leading analysts, experts, business executives, and other visionaries from around the world, in order to find technical and applicable solutions to the problems arising from the (former) production and application of pesticides. Its 13th edition focused on the legacy of the lindane production in Spain and “Lessons learned”.  POLYECO S.A., a leader in waste management services in SE Europe and beyond, had the opportunity to showcase its services of environmentally sound waste management of obsolete pesticides. POLYECO S.A. project managers were invited to share recent case studies during the 3-day event. Project manager Mr. Ilias Avramikos, presented a paper on the “DISPOSAL OF POPs PESTICIDES AND INITIAL STEPS OF CONTAINMENT OF DUMPED POPs PESTICIDES IN GEORGIA” and Project Manager Mrs. Eleni Malliarou presented a paper entitled “BAN ON THE TRANSBOUNDARY MOVEMENT OF PCBs FROM KAZAKHSTAN TO EUROPE AND AIR TRANSPORT OF THE WASTE”. Both presentations showcased two very demanding projects successfully completed by POLYECO S.A.