Radioactive Materials Management

radioactive materials

Polyeco holds a unique experience in the management of radioactive materials. The services include:

• Management of NORM contaminated soil and scale.
• Management of scrap metal with increased radioactivity levels.
• Management of industrial radioactive sealed sources (level / density meters etc.).
• Management of radioactive smoke detectors and lightning rods
• Management of radioactive sealed sources from analyzers (XRF analyzers, sulphur analyzers, etc.).
• Management of high activity sealed sources used for therapeutic uses (teletherapy sources, brachytherapy sources etc.).

We are the only waste management company licensed with a yearly renewable permit for transport and export of NORM from the Greek Atomic Energy Commission.

We have trained and licensed class 7 drivers for the transportation of radioactive materials and vehicles suitable for the transportation of such materials. In accordance with ADR regulations we also employ a certified transportation advisor.

Our past projects include:

• NORM Decontamination from old fertilizer production and oil & gas industries
• Management of scrap metal with high NORM radioactivity levels.
• Management and recycling of Thorium alloys of the Hellenic Air Force
• Management of brachytherapy sources.
• Management of smoke detectors and lightning rods.
• Management of sealed source from analyzers.