CSR Performance

Human Rights
Polyeco consider the respect of human rights to be fundamental corporate responsibility and a value that influence all our activities. While human rights considerations have always been implicitly integrated into our value system, in 2012 we began examining it as an independent CSR issue. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct defines in detail how we address and respect human rights in every aspect. It is the main tool to which a greater visibility and knowledge is given in order to make our position towards human rights clear to each of our stakeholders, both internal and external. A copy of our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is made available to all our employees, contractors, supply chain, and other stakeholders in our headquarters and on our Corporate website.Through our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct it has been made clear to our employees and contractors and any other people involved in our supply chain that any breach of the code must be reported in good faith to our senior management and/or the Chief Legal Officer, by regular post, complaint box or email, having the right to remain anonymous, although we do not recommend it, and that all inquiries will be handled promptly and discreetly.
The success of our business depends on every employee in our global enterprise. We are committed to fostering open and inclusive workplaces that respect human and workplace rights, where all employees are valued and inspired to be the best they can be. No discrimination in hiring, remuneration, based on race, national or social origin, caste, birth, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political opinions and age. The foundation of our approach lies in two key documents: our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and our Workplace Policy Handbook. Both are influenced by the United Nations (UN) and International Labor Organization (ILO) declarations. Polyeco has no track record with incidents of violations of labor principles or legal cases, rulings fines or other relevant violations of labor principles.
Health and Safety
Recognizing the social and economic dimension of the occupational accidents Polyeco S.A. has developed and applied a comprehensive and effective Safety & Health Management System according to OHSAS 18001 standard and The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 requirements. Our HSE policy guides our actions to protect the health, safety and well-being of our people in the workplace. Realizing the social and economic dimension of occupational accidents and other health concerns, Polyeco SA has adopted the following health & safety policy, aiming towards:

  • Minimizing the identified risks by implementing preventive measures and systems for control of risks and protection of the workers at the facilities of the company.
  • Continuous control and monitoring to identify new potential risks in the activities of the company and immediate implementation of measures to undo or minimize these risks.
  • Using the hazard vetting method each time manufacturing or equipment is scaled up.
Environmental Impact
Polyeco S.A. is a modern and dynamic enterprise providing integrated sound waste management, with products and services that relate to the environment’s protection addressed to various business sectors and industries.
Through its operations Polyeco helps the environment’s protection, conserves natural resources, fauna and flora, public health and public interests. We take reasonable steps to preserve the environment through responsible practices to minimize the environmental impact of our operations by complying with all applicable laws, guidelines and waste management industry standards.
We have developed an Environmental Management System in full compliance with the requirements of the international standard 1221/2009/EC (EMAS) through which it is documented that products and services provided by Polyeco contribute to the protection of the environment. The scope of the system is the sound management of hazardous and non hazardous waste.
Anti-Corruption Policy
We support the UN Convention Against Corruption and we strongly believe that corruption and bribery practices not only compromise the social merit of development but also undermine the efforts of the company itself for sustainable development. On the other hand, being a company with a certified quality management system we are committed and make sure that all employees, partners, business associates and contractors haven’t been involved in any corruption activities. Any suspicion of involvement in corruption or fraudulent activities must be reported to the Board.
Success here is generally measured by the lack of reports of violations of policy or law and, to date, there have been no reported violations in Polyeco and our parent and sister companies of the Group. Should a violation be reported, we intend to undertake a thorough investigation.
Human Rights 99%
Labor 95%
Health and Safety 99%
Reduction of our Ecological Footprint 90%
Anti-corruption 100%

Homo Ludens

Play is a fundamental experience embedded in human culture. We all play in some perceptible manner or another, but often it occurs without any sort of recognition.
Homo Ludens or “The player” turns the working space into a “playground” where he deploys his personal skills.
Through the game/work, he acquires knowledge, experiments, meets up, interacts and becomes acquainted with other people, but first of all with himself.
By “playing”, as in creating, the Polyeco people face their work as a means of self-improvement and personal excellence. We envision a space where working becomes a process of self-understanding, of common effort and of appropriation of the results of our efforts.
Having said that, at Polyeco we become Homini Ludensi and always give our best: for our customers, partners, suppliers but firstly and for mostly for our own sake.

«A sound mind in a healthy body»

Polyeco believes in fair play as means of expression and of building strong personalities, with high targets and prospect of achievement.

Polyeco has decided to support two champions Nancy Fakidi, a member of the Greek national Sailing team Optimist-Class, & Errica Prezerakou, a pole vault athlete with many achievements and great expectations.

Polyeco has also supported the triathlon national training team and the local “AIAS Aspropyrgou” football team.


Our sensitivity for the protection of the environment led us to develop and run the Eco-Polys,an Educational Program, in which we inform our visitors about our range and type of activities, and we propose new ways to show our sincere respect to the Environment.

Please contact us for further information about Eco-Polys and participation applications.


Green Energy Power Station at Poyeco’s roof in Aspropyrgos

The commercial operation of this power station started after successful completion of the connection of the unit to the medium voltage network of the HEDNO S.A. (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A.) in February 2013. The station is expected to produce annually about 320.000kWh « green » electricity, enough to supply about 80 households midsize and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 270 tons of CO2 and a total of nearly 6 tons of SO2, CO, NOx and PM10 emissions.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a fundamental concept of the 21st century and a substantial condition for the protection of the planet and the welfare of the people.

By recognizing the need for collective solutions that aim at sustainability and with the conviction that companies ought to contribute significantly to this direction through specific actions and proposals, Polyeco S.A. became a founding member of the Hellenic Foundation of Enterprises Board for Sustainable Development.

As a founding member Polyeco is committed to implement the «code of Sustainable Development Principles» and the Integration of those principles in the decision making procedure.

In this context our company is providing services with positive environmental impacts, while it is taking specific actions for the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of the waste that are generated within it’s facilities through the proper training and education of its employees.

Furthermore our company is implementing actions that contribute to the social and cultural development of the communities where it conducts its operations, while it strives for the continuous improvement of its performance in the fields of health, safety and environmental protection.