Fuel Tank Cleaning

Modern and specialized equipment is used for pumping, homogenizing and separating sludge from tanks. Polyeco offers integrated management of the oil sludge with high oil recovery rates. All operations are undertaken using sophisticated equipment which ensures the safety of personnel even under highly explosive atmospheres.

We protect the environment reducing waste volume and save raw materials

Polyeco offers integrated management of the oil sludge achieving high oil recovery rates and minimization of final waste (dry sludge) quantity. Containerized decanters or tricanters are used for sludge processing. This process promotes the waste volume reduction and the recovery of oil by separating the sludge into three phases: dry sludge phase, oily phase and water phase. This process can take place at Polyeco’s facilities or on-site.


Polyeco’s ADR tanker trucks are able to collect high viscosity waste with high vacuum pumps.