battery recycling

Batteries Waste Management

Domestic and industrial types of batteries are classed as a hazardous waste stream. Batteries are now fully recyclable and they should always be disposed of correctly and not in standard waste.

Adopting the recycling of used batteries we protect the environment, save energy, reduce waste volume and save raw materials.

AFIS SA, is the national official body for the alternative management of portable batteries and accumulators in Greece. AFIS S.A. has set a nationwide network of recycling points to enable end-user to drop off their handheld batteries for free.

Waste Collection Services

As a specialist in hazardous waste management and member of EBRA (European Batteries Recycles Association, Polyeco has developed, since 2006, a network system with a company owned fleet of vehicles and skilled workforce, for the collection of used batteries from retailers and other AFIS collection points throughout Greece.

All waste batteries end up at Polyeco’s headquarters, where they are being repackaged and forwarded to accredited final disposal facilities abroad.

Polyeco issues a Certificate of Reception and Storage and further Sustainable Management, which is then submitted to AFIS S.A.

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