Chemical Laboratory Hazardous Waste

Laboratory waste are generated from chemical laboratories procedures and operation on a regular basis and may present chemical hazards, as well as those multi-hazardous wastes that contain some combination of chemical, radioactive, and biological hazards. The generators and owners of such waste are obliged to manage their waste in an environmental friendly way and according to the hazardous waste management law.

Packaged Waste Collection Services

Our market leading and environmentally compliant response to packaged waste collection services for the Chemical Laboratories provide a hassle free, safe and cost effective solution for your waste management, suitable for any type or size laboratory.

Chemical wastes are usually segregated on-site in the laboratory into appropriate waste containers, and must be disposed by a specialist contractor in order to meet safety, health, and legislative requirements.

Since 2005, Polyeco has introduced a system for the safe collection, transfer and final disposal of hazardous waste from small businesses and professionals including chemical laboratories. We operate a substantial fleet of small vans and lorries providing frequent collections of small to medium quantities of hazardous and non- hazardous wastes all over Greece. Polyeco’s Packaged Waste Collection Services are performed by qualified personnel and drivers trained to the highest standards according to the (ADR) for the carriage of dangerous goods.

Our Packaged Waste Collection Services for laboratories include consultative support on proper handling procedures, packaging, collection and transfer to our facilities for treatment, recovery and safe disposal of Hazardous Waste.

We provide all documentation, packaging containers and storage labels for our customers to meet their legal obligations.

Our methods ensure safety and environmental compliance for your chemical laboratory. Commonly collected laboratory hazardous chemical waste include : Corrosive, flammable, toxic, explosive and other difficult wastes.

  • Acid Waste
  • Oxidisers
  • Lab chemicals & reagents
  • Lab chemicals in small packs

Customized Services to suit your needs

As a certified expert Polyeco can assess the requirements of your laboratory and provide a complete range of Laboratory Chemical Services designed around your unique needs, concerns and constraints, including:

  • Inventory of all HW in your lab
  • Identification and categorization of “UNKNOWN”chemical waste
  • Appropriate packaging and labeling
  • Best disposal methods implementation

  • On and off site temporary chemical storage
  • Laboratory Decontamination
  • Chemical laboratory moving services
  • Regulatory Compliance

Chemical Laboratory HW Training

As your waste specialist contractor Polyeco will provide you with consultative support on hazardous waste handling and labeling requirements free of charge.

Polyeco also provides specific Managing Laboratory Waste training courses upon request for laboratory personnel who carry out the handling of chemical waste stored temporarily in your laboratory designated accumulation area.

All waste collection, recycling, treatment and disposal services are fully licensed and compliant with local and international legislation relating to hazardous and non-hazardous chemical wastes.

A Certificate of Waste Reception is issued upon receipt of the waste.

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