Dry Cleaners Hazardous Waste

Managing waste has become a worldwide rigorous legislation also introduced in Greece. Activities of the dry clean industry produce hazardous waste and must be managed according to European regulations and local legislation (JMD EP11641/1942 and JMD EP 13588/725).

Packaged Waste Collection Services

Polyeco provide a dedicate, safe and efficient recovery, recycling and disposal service to the dry cleaner’s sector. In 2006 Polyeco expanded its nationwide hazardous waste collection network to cater the needs of dry cleaners business sector across Greece.

Our service to Dry Cleaners waste management include suitable containers for safe storage and transportation of dry cleaning residues, solvents and other hazardous waste material, the collection and transfer of waste to our facilities for treatment and safe disposal.

Polyeco offers consultative support to help clients minimize their waste and provides all documentation, suitable packaging containers and storage labels for our customers to meet their legal obligations and make turn their business environmentally friendly.

Polyeco performs delivery and collection of Hazardous Waste on a regular basis or upon request.

A Certificate of Waste Reception is issued upon receipt of the waste.

Over 60% of dry cleaning business in Greece already use our services.

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