Pioneers in the Protection of the Marine Environment

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete range of marine environmental services that we have already tried and tested in more than 1700 spill response, clean up and wreck removal projects. since our establishment By implementing sophisticated strategies and techniques we have been able to manage some of the most challenging and complicated projects in this field.

As part of our continued focus on safety and sustainability, we have excelled Environmental Protection Engineering SA in a competition conducted on by the European Maritime Safety Agency, and have been awarded by EMSA with the Protection of the Greater Area of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea to the Sea of Cyprus for big scale oil spill pollution incidents with M/T “AKTEA OSRV”. EPE SA

Polyeco and its parent company Environmental Protection Engineering SA maintain a fully-staffed, multi-disciplined and highly trained Spill Management Team of engineers and marine specialists. Our expertise, heavy equipment and cutting-edge technologies give us the ability to undertake emergency spill response and complex wreck removal projects of any scale.

Our complete range of services for the protection of the marine environment include :

  • Emergency spill response
  • End-of-life ship dismantling or demolition
  • Wreck removals
  • Environmental protection and pumping services during salvage operations
  • Collection of oil at sea

  • Pumping of fuels and cargo from sunken vessels
  • Ship to ship or ship to shore transfer
  • Remediation and hanlding of polluted or destroyed cargoes
  • Coast cleaning, beaches, rocky shores and docks
  • Oil waste disposal

Dominant Presence in the Mediterranean






17 Anti - Pollution Stations

We provide spill emergency response services from 17 anti - pollution stations across Greece, Albania, Cyprus and Lebanon coastline.