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POLYECO S.A. has successfully completed the safeguarding and export of obsolete pesticides from Ecuador to Europe for final destruction, at a licenced high temperature incineration facility in Sweden.  The project was awarded through international tendering to POLYECO SA by The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations in May 2015. Waste was safely exported from the country in October 2015. The safeguarding operations were conducted in cooperation with Agrocalidad, who had previously identified the national stockpile of obsolete pesticides in the country.

POLYECO SA provided UN approved packaging,and other equipment and consumables for the collection, repackaging, labelling and transportation of waste. POLYECO staff repacked and exported the obsolete pesticides for final disposal in accordance to the Basel Convention. Finally, experienced personnel decontaminated the pesticide’s temporary storage area.

This project was a great success for Ecuador, which was striving to export obsolete pesticides from the country for many years in order to meet its national targets based on the Stockholm convention. This project leads the way for the removal of POPs and other hazardous waste from the country.


Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative dynamically continues to work on its framework of activities and pursue its objectives. Using art as a vehicle, through a series of events, sponsorships and international collaborations, PCAI aspires to realize a new creative context with the ultimate goal of raising awareness and informing the public about environmental issues, while indirectly breaching on the critical issue of waste management, which is not only technical, but also social and environmental.

PCAI collection of contemporary art has been enriched with two new works by artists Kostas Viitis and Natasa Efstathiadi, while four new commissions to artists Anja Kirschner, Saskia OldeWolbers, Loukia Alavanou and Vasilis Karouk are at production stage.

In September, Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative sponsored the artist Emilia Bouriti. The artist’s performance Eleusis | Space Time Energy, which explores the relationship between the human body and the industrial landscape of Eleusina, was held Sunday, September 6th, 2015 at the Old Olive Oil Factory under the Aeschylia Festival 2015. The project is a fermentation of childhood memories of the rural and industrial Thriasion field area. In the center of the Thriasio field is Eleusina, a place of significant ancient history, which also marks the industrial development of the country over the past century.

The sculptures in our collection promote recycling and reuse, as they are manufactured with recyclable materials collected by Polyeco such as fluorescent light bulbs, batteries etc. The installation Metamorphoses by artist Efi Spyrou, a project created within the framework of Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative PCAI , which was created using saturated fluorescent lamps, will be exhibited in the group show Plexus opening Thursday, November 19 2015 at the [...]


VSS-EPE Environmental Protection Services Ltd. (VSS-EPE) was founded in Cyprus in 2014, following the collaboration agreement between Environmental Protection Engineering S.A., the mother company of POLYECO S.A., and Vasiliko Sludge Services Ltd.


After its successful establishment in Vasiliko Port in 2014, VSS-EPE holds a contract with VTTV for the provision of marine environment protection, preparedness and response services that include among others: contingency planning, training, execution of antipollution drills as well as establishment and managing of a manned oil spill response base in Vasilikos Port for mobilization in any incident required, for the full compliance of the terminal with legal requirements.


Our company was awarded a contract by Electricity Authority of Cyprus to provide antipollution equipment and specialized personnel standing-by during cargo transfer operations at Vasilikos and Dhekelia Power Stations. For the implementation of the contract VSS-EPE also maintains additional equipment, means as well as technical and experienced personnel in our antipollution base in Vasilikos Port in order to respond to spill incidents that may take place in the areas of jurisdiction of the EAC

Polyeco cooperation with Energean Oil & Gas

Polyeco undertook and successfully completed a big project in collaboration with Energean Oil & Gas S.A., the only hydrocarbon exploration and production company in Greece, on behalf of its subsidiary KAVALA OIL S.A., at its onshore facilities at Kavala.
The collaboration among the two leading companies concerned the operations of sampling, identification, collection packaging, transportation, temporary storage, management and final disposal of waste cuttings from oil drilling.
Waste management operations were completed at Polyeco facilities at Aspropyrgos, Attiki, the only fully licensed hazardous waste management industry in Greece.
The duration of the project was five months and during that period more than 1.200 tons of hazardous waste were removed.
The operations were carried out in full compliance with health and safety international regulations as well as the Greek and European legislation concerning hazardous waste management. The project was completed according to the agreed timetable.

Safe management of napalm powder in the Republic of Serbia

Large quantities of out‑of‑date ammunition are posing an environmental and security risk for Serbia and its neighbors. A quantity of 160 tones of napalm powder can produce a far greater amount of highly toxic napalm, which is hazardous both to health and to the environment.

As part of the assistance provided to the Government of Serbia for the destruction of these highly toxic ammunition, the Development Program of the United Nations (UNDP) awarded to Polyeco the project for the disposal of 160 tons of napalm powder, under the umbrella of the measures promoted by the OSCE Action Plan on Small Arms and Light Weapons for the Conventional Ammunition Stockpile Management (CASM) for the Republic of Serbia.

Polyeco’s experience and expertise, accelerated the process of collecting and packaging of the napalm waste and secured the issue of the export license and the safe transportation of the waste to the proper facilities for final disposal and destruction. Napalm powder has already been delivered at high temperature incineration plan in Sweden and final disposal has completed.

Polyeco signs exclusive agreement with Magna travel

There is no meaning for someone in having more than one travel agents since with personal enquiry he himself increases the price of the ticket.

On the other hand, agents like Magna travel, do make the difference through professionalism and by offering excellent customer service 24/7.

As an international company with activities in Africa, Balkans, Middle East and CIS countries, Polyeco’s requirements are really high.

An agent like Magna travel though can certainly make the difference aiding our company secure competitive advantage.

Polyeco pursues long-lasting, sustainable relations with all it’s stakeholders .

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    Successful completion of repackaging obsolete pesticides in Jordan

Successful completion of repackaging obsolete pesticides in Jordan

Polyeco SA successfully completed the repackaging, labeling and export of Obsolete Pesticides identified in Jordan. The project which was awarded through international tendering from FAO to Tredi and Polyeco SA, subcontractor, comprised the sustainable management of approximately 30 tons of OPs stockpiles at the stores of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environment.

The project in Jordan is a component of the overall FAO Pesticide Management project which is under implementation also in Morocco and Iran.

The project was among the first of its kind in the Arab States providing Jordan the tools to achieve its goal of substantially minimizing environmental impact and reducing health risks, both locally and globally.

Polyeco was assigned PCBs management in Kazakhstan

As a modern country Kazakhstan is committed to significantly reduce its environmental impact through the systematic development of PCBs sound waste management across the country. The PCB Action Plan evolved into a project called “Design and Execution of Comprehensive PCB Management Plan For Kazakhstan” which is a joint undertaking by the Government of Kazakhstan, private sector partners and the UNDP. Polyeco was assigned the project for the “Integrated Waste Management and Final Disposal of PCB oils” from 4 industries in the Republic of Kazakhstan, through an international open tendering procedure held by UNDP Kazakhstan.

Services provided by Polyeco for this project include:

Drainage and cleaning of Transformers
Packaging of drained PCB oils in UN approved containers
Labelling of the waste in accordance with ADR and IATA codes
Issuance of transboundary licenses for the export of the waste to Europe
Air transportation, and
Final disposal at a high temperature incinerator

Polyeco already has successfully completed Drainage and cleaning of Transformers, Packaging of the drained PCB waste oils in UN approved containers, and the labeling of the waste in accordance with the ADR and IATA codes for the 3 of the total 5 industries in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Once the waste from all 5 industries is properly packaged and the transboundary movement licenses are issued, a fully licensed charter cargo airplane will be employed to transport the PCBs waste to a licensed incineration facility in Europe.

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    Polyeco as Networking Sponsor in the 2nd Oman Waste Management Forum

Polyeco as Networking Sponsor in the 2nd Oman Waste Management Forum

Polyeco SA participated as Networking Sponsor at the 2nd International Conference for Waste Management held in Muscat on 26/3/2013, under the auspices of His Excellency Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Mohammed al-Shihi, Minister of Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources.

The conference was organized by Muscat Municipality on the occasion, of the new legislation governing waste management in Oman, which shall form the basis of the restructuring of the countryʼs waste management sector, and the completion of several infrastructure projects towards this effort.

Polyeco S.A.provided its substantial and specialized expertise and support and proposed innovative, financially viable and efficient waste management solutions to minimize negative impact on the environment from the waste of the country.

Ethiopia detoxified from 450 tons of unwanted pesticides

The disposal and safeguarding of obsolete pesticides and other associated hazardous chemicals is crucial for Ethiopia in order to meet its targets set in the National Implementation Plan for Stockholm convention.

The project of safety management, transportation and disposal of obsolete pesticides and other associated waste in Ethiopia was awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture to the joint venture Polyeco SA – Tredi SA and is part of The African Stockpiles Programme (ASP), which is coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture and funded by the World Bank.

The services provided by the JV Polyeco SA-Tredi SA under this project were :